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Products & Services

Concord Desktop

This is our core product that has been developed to be fast and very easy to use for new users — but also packs advanced features for those power users that need it.

FastFinder makes finding things lightening-fast, FrontDesk is where you get things done.

The stand-out features/USPs include: Our unique Autoviewer (especially within Reporter and Mercury — your company-aware version of Outlook). Bulk Emails, Live Alerts, Advanced Attribute Handling, CV Manager (makes adding CVs individually or in bulk a doddle).

Concord Cloud Office

Cloud Office is our cloud hosted solution that enables users to access the system from anywhere in the world - either from laptop, PC or Mac.

It is especially attractive for start-ups or companies looking to migrate to the cloud. Among the advantages are that you can work securely from anywhere, at any time and also reduce your IT costs considerably by eliminating Infrastructure Capital Costs. Costs become a predictable, monthly operational expense, based on a cost per user per month.

Concord Mobile

Concord Mobile is an additional product for our existing clients.

It allows consultants to get information when they are on the move and away from the office.

More features are continually being added to this product.

Recruitment Websites

We can design websites with full recruitment features.

Candidate Registrations, Vacancy searching, Vacancy applications, Client Portals, Timesheet entry are some of the modules we can implement for you

Software Development

Our development team have much experience in many areas of software, databases and technologies.

Web, Desktop or Mobile development. Solutions ranging from low-level technical solutions or more higher-level business software needs can be met.