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Benefits of Hosted Cloud Computing

There are many reasons why more and more businesses across the UK are moving over from a traditional network to a Hosted Solution. By implementing a Hosted Cloud Service, businesses can gain significant benefits:

Work securely from anywhere, at any time
Working in conjunction with our hosting partners, The Alchemy Group, it empowers your travelling, remote, and telecommuting workers to securely access their work from anywhere, at any time.

Reduce Total IT Costs by up to 50%
Businesses are looking to reduce overheads and IT costs can be significant. We can help you to reduce these costs by up to 50%. All costs become a predictable, monthly operational expense, based on a cost per user per month.

Eliminate Infrastructure Capital Costs
Alchemy provides the IT Infrastructure.

Run on Enterprise Class IT Infrastructure
Most companies cannot afford enterprise level infrastructure. Alchemy is able to deliver their secure infrastructure in a cost effective manner as the infrastructure costs are shared by many hundreds of users.

Reduce IT Headaches
All IT infrastructures can create significant problems. Alchemy removes these and we support, patch, manage, backup and look after all components of your hosted solution for you, all from the cloud data centre.

Data Backup and Restore
The data restoration service and comprehensive standard backup gives you the comfort you need in data protection.

High Availability
Alchemy provides a resilient infrastructure with no single point of failure.

Improved Data Security
Because employee data is stored as standard in the cloud data centre – not in a PC or vulnerable laptop—data is safe even if devices are stolen or destroyed.

Disaster Recovery
90% of organizations do not have adequate disaster recovery or business continuity plans. For example, if your offices floods, can you continue your business operations seamlessly from another location? You can with Alchemy Hosted Cloud Computing Services.