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Powerful Recruitment Software

Stand-out features & USPs

  • Desktop, Hosted & Mobile solutions
  • FrontDesk
  • 'Company-aware' Outlook module
  • Unique Autoviewer
  • CV & Full-text searching in real-time
  • Back Office
  • Bespoke modules
  • Easy to use and install
  • Bulk Candidate importing
  • Support for 'Automated' Attributes
  • Bulk Emailing (Clients/Candidates)
  • Document Management
  • Drag/Drop used throughout
  • Target Module for 'pre-candidates'

Stand-out features & USPs

Concord Mobile

We engaged Concord Software Ltd, as an exclusive supplier to United Recruitment Group for our recruitment database. Put simply the results have been outstanding. They have been professional, innovative and always willing to take feedback from clients. Their personal touch and attention to detail is clearly demonstrated through the software, which exceeds our expectations on a daily basis. I would have no hesitation in recommending Concord as a vital part to our continuing success.
Andrew Pickersgill, Director

I have worked in the recruitment industry for 10 years using a variety of systems. I can honestly say that Concord is the best recruitment system I have used. For me the key aspects of the the system are speed, reliability and configurability. I can find what I want when I want it Ė quickly.
Liam O'Flaherty, Director

United Recruitment Group

Concord has undoubtedly improved the way we work. Itís so simple to use, itís fast and does everything you need from a Recruitment specific CRM plus more!

The support we receive from Concord is second to none! They are also very driven to improve Concord even further while being friendly and honest.

I have and will continue to recommend Concord to anyone who is willing to listen!

Jordan Norris

JNR Digital

Attractive modern User Interface

Usurpo have been using Concord since last year, and have found it to be an exceptional piece of software. Not only is it simple to use, and highly intuitive, it is incredibly quick, and functionally very impressive with the ability to do everything we need, and more!

The software is continually developed, with new features and the support we receive when required is second to none. There really is no other choice when it comes to a recruitment software solution.

In comparison to other products we tested it is light years ahead. We would have no hesitatation in recommending Concord!

Dan Rhodes

what's in a name...

definition of CONCORD

"Agreement or Harmony"

  • We provide business-critical software to help you reach agreements with your clients
  • We want to build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by providing excellent service.


Easy to Use

New users can start using CONCORD with little or no training. The key tasks of finding and adding information are as simple as possible.

Advanced Features

Desktop & Cloud versions, Mobile app, Bulk email shots, Bulk Candidate & CV importing, Full-text and radial searching and more...

High Productivity

This is gained through our centralised workspace called FrontDesk, the CV Manager, drag/drop and the Autoviewer - which is unique to CONCORD.

Excellent Service

Our clients are very important to us. We understand how important it is to respond swiftly and efficiently - leaving our clients happy.